Clay Challenge

Clay Challenge Tara Lynne Franco & KJ MacAlister Dec 4th – 31st 2015

Reception Fri Dec 4th 6-8pm


Art in a Plain Brown Wrapper


Michaels Reynolds

Wood prints by Michael Jaya Reynolds in November.  Opening reception November 6th 6-8pm





work by Amber Barker, Brenda Danbrook, Katriona Drijber, Adam Lefebvre, Kaitlyn McGill, Jocelyn Reid and Leah Spagrud
September 17th – October 29th, 2015

Opening Reception First Friday October 2nd, 2015  6:00 – 8:00pm




A Collection
Jane Durham
August 2015
Opening Reception Fri August 7, 2015


Below the Mantle
Jill Ho-You
June 26th – July 30th 2015
Opening Reception Sat July 11th 4-6pm




Ţa, ţa, ţa, Capriţa, ţa!

Emily Hope

May 14 to June 18, 2015

Photography, drawing and printmaking of Romanian Wild Man pre-Lenten festivals based on a residency at Bucharest Artists in Residence.






Find it in the Parks

Jordan Pearson
April 2nd – May 10th






New Works From the Void

Ryan Wolters

February 16 – March 26, 2015




4 Painters, 4 Perspectives

Jeri Lynn Ing, Larry Reese, Susan Woolgar and Judy Sutter

January 8th – February 12