Amber Jane

900: drawing with the brain
This series of drawings by Edmonton artist, Amber-Jane Grove was in the gallery from November 25 to December 28, 2013.   Amber-Jane is a graduate of Red Deer College’s Visual Art Program and received her BFA from the University of Lethbridge in 2009. These drawings were part of a 900 day project which involved drawing with hands, feet, mouth, and so on. For Amber-Jane, “Drawing with multiple areas of the body – various regions of the brain – stretches the limits of our imagination. By using the whole body in my artwork it reveals a multitude of imagery that otherwise would not be realized.”




’10′  In celebration of our 10th anniversary, our fundraiser was themed, ’10′.  Twenty six artists donated work towards our exhibit and silent auction!  Thank you to everyone!




Brave New Worlds Bold New Plans Image Dan Anhorn

brave new worlds, bold new plans This installation by Red Deer artist, Daniel Anhorn was in the gallery from September  23 to October 26..  Originally from the B.C. interior, Dan received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has exhibited extensively throughout western Canada and the western United States. He is interested in “the man-made controls humans have had upon the landscape”. The scale landscape models in the installation “question our notions of how we ‘see’ our surroundings”.




Liz&Shirley           Shirley&Liz

alchemy showed paintings by Calgary artist, Liz Sullivan and St. Albert artist, Shirley Cordes Rogozinsky. Liz’s work is an “inward journey of connections: between people and place, and between past and present.” She searches for “the intangible spiritual essence of a place and work intuitively to translate this to canvas.” “Construct of memory and nostalgia of place play significant roles” in Shirley’s art. Her paintings “are contained within the contemporary aesthetic boundaries of abstracted landscape. alchemy ran Monday, August 12 to September 14, 2013.





little fears by Edmonton artist, Laura O’Connor.  June 30 – august 3, 2013.  As children, we are encouraged to be brave and outgrow our fears but sometimes “what was once the terrifying threat of a monster under my bed, has evolved into a strange man walking a few steps behind me down an empty street.”  In this series of mixed media works, O’Connor explores those fears that are the source of her own measure of unease and encourages viewers to recognize their own anxieties as being a significant part of their own emotional maturation.





rooted in the arts, celebrating the 2013 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artists Awards was our first show in our new space!  Artists considered and interpreted the exhibit’s theme both literally and metaphorically including ideas of being anchored, centred, grounded, founded, originated, established, settled and entrenched. rooted in the arts opened on May 13 and ran until  June 22.




bird lifting off

visual counterpoints by Edmonton artist, Erik Cheung was open  April 1 to May 4, 2013.  Erik’s work are studies of aesthetic elements, composition, balance, and proximity. Each shape introduced carries an individual aesthetic melody, which flows  into/along/with one another in such a way that they blend, complement and  harmonize each other. “I believe,” says Erik, “art should tell the many qualities of human life, emotions,  intelligence and imagination, even the unseen world of the psyche.”




urban mapping, a series of paintings by Summerland, BC artist, Robert Dmytruk, formerly of Edmonton was in the gallery from February 18 to march 23, 2013.  HRobert’s work appears in the collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and he is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Excellence in Teaching Award, as well as the Emily Carr School of Art and Design Award for Excellence in the Arts. Robert is influenced by the way we map the landscape. His paintings are a grid of loose calligraphic gestures moving between being broken and whole, a way to order and make sense of the push and pull bewteen nature and the machine.


art of the peace, a travelling exhibit of work by artists from Alberta’s Peace River Country was in the gallery from the beginning of January to February 9, 2013.  The Harris-Warke Gallery was the exhibit’s last stop on its year-long tour. The show consists of 20 works of art by 18 artists.The exhibit included paintings, drawings, mixed media pieces, sculpture, and ceramics.